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There are ways to find orders, inside and outside of the backend.


Hover your mouse over “Woocommerce” tab in the backend you will see orders.


As of the writing of this help page, the outside way to look at orders will be through shipstation. Login to Ship station and click the orders tab on the top.

Order Status

There are different levels of order status in Woocommerce:

Processing – an order has been received, it has been paid for successfully and is ready to be filled. Both admin and the customer sees the status as “processing”. It will stay in this status until it is shipped or manually changed.

Completed – an order can show as completed but yet has not shipped. Some use this to change the status for the customer’s benefit to get it our of “processing” status. Usually this status is only achieved manually. By manually changing an order to complete, SOMETIMES it may als change the status in shipstation and no longer be viewable as a “ready to ship” order. It’s best not to change an order to complete and only use if, it was shipped outside of shipstation or to complete open orders after season etc to clean up the open orders tab.

Shipped – An order has shipped. It will show shipped and will close the order. The customer will see both shipped and a tracking number generated by shipstation.

Pending payment – Orders in this status have not cleared in payment. Meaning, the customer has checked out but the payment processor didn’t approve it. It will stay on the “pending payment status until payment is manually received and the status is manually changed to processing or cancelled.

Cancelled – Orders that are manually cancelled can only be done by admin in the backend. Customers can not cancel their own orders online.

Shannon’s Hint

Unlike prestashop, woocommerce does not have a “in progress” status. When a customer goes to their dashboard to check the status of their order they will see one of the above statuses. Sometimes the word “processing” is confusing to customers who will assume that “processing” means their payment is still being processed and that you haven’t received their order and aren’t filling it. You may receive calls about this status.

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