The Mum Contest 2024

We will be holding a mum contest for anyone that would like to enter. The contest is open to any wholesaler attending the show.

Requirements to Enter:

  • Must bring your mum to the 9 am 
  • Mum must be covered and NOT able to be seen at first. We don’t want to know who brought which mum.
  • Must be present to participate.
  • If you’re only attending for one day your mum may have a lesser chance of winning as voting is done both days.


  • Voting will take place from Saturday to Sunday, and the winners announced after lunch on Sunday.
  • All attendees may vote. One vote per person.
  • Votes may not be cast both days. If you voted the day before you may NOT vote again.

Judges and winning:

  • Judges’ decisions are final
  • You must be present to win.
  • There will be more than one winner. Your mum could win in one or more categories.
  • There are 5 categories the judges will issue winners for including best in show.
  • Prizes will be given for each winner in each category.


  • Must be present at the show to enter and to win.
  • Mum is to be made/created by the person entering and no more than 1 assistant. No teaming up or group efforts on this one.
  • Your mum must be covered when you arrive, and we will uncover them all at the same time. (Wrapped, boxed, black trash bag etc) 
  • Voters are not to be told who brought which mum. We want this to be a mum contest not a popularity contest.
  • You may vote for any mum you like.
  • Please bring a hanger, mannequin, or a way to hang your mum
  • Photos will be taken of your creation; permission is granted when you decide to enter.
  • No vulgar, profanity etc on the mum
  • No logos, company names, or promotion of any business, of any kind.