30″ Texas Diamond Braid with Diamond Dust


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30″ Texas Diamond Braid with Diamond Dust Ribbon

6 braids per order

You have a choice of either diamond dust ribbon, or striped diamond dust ribbon



Black/Silver, Black/Silver Striped, Black/Gold, Black/Gold Striped,

Burgundy/Silver, Burgundy/Striped Silver, Burgundy/Gold, Burgundy/Striped Gold,

Holiday Green/Silver, Holiday Green/Striped Silver, Holiday Green/Gold, Holiday Green/Striped Gold,

Hunter Green/Silver, Hunter Green/Striped Silver, Hunter Green/Gold, Hunter Green/Striped Gold,

Navy/Silver, Navy/Striped Silver, Navy/Silver, Navy/Striped Silver, Navy/Gold, Navy/Striped Gold,

Orange/Silver, Orange/Striped Silver,

Purple/Silver, Purple/Striped Silver, Purple/Gold, Purple/Striped Gold,

Red/Silver, Red/Striped Silver, Red/Gold, Red/Striped Gold, Royal/Silver,

Royal/Striped Silver, Royal/Gold, Royal/Striped Gold,

White/Silver, White/Striped Silver, White/Gold, White/Striped Gold


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