5 1/2″ Backer


This 5-1/2″ Backer is used to make mums and garters, typically with 6″-7 1/4″ mum flowers. Sold in packages of 100. 5028LM – 5-1/2″ Backer

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A 6-1/4″ or a 6-1/2″ or a 7-1/4″ or a 7-1/2″ Mum Flower is commonly used with the 5-1/2″ Mum Backer. The 6-1/4″ and the 6-1/2″ and the 7-1/4″ and the 7-1/2″ Mum Flowers are sold here in all colors.


The 5 1/2″ Mum Backers are sold in packages of 100 and are available at wholesale prices.

For more information on wholesale pricing, contact us at (254) 434-4526 or by clicking

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**Manufactured by L&M Wholesale**

For Your Wholesale Football and Homecoming Mum Supplies


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