Hot Glue Gun Interchangeable Nozzles


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This versatile set lets you adjust the shape and size of your hot glue bead upon application.

Compatible with full size glue guns in the following glue gun lines: Ultra Series (DT-360, DT-3100),

Essentials Series (L-270, H-270, DT-270),

Professional Series (PRO2-60, HE-750, DT-750, PRO2-100, PRO2-100L) and Industrial Series (PRO2-180, PRO2-220, PRO2-220HT, PRO9700A, PRO8000A).

Orifice sizes are .093 inch for the small round nozzle, .125 inch for the large round nozzle.

The flat nozzle has an .145-inch orifice with a .17-inch width.

Keep this handy nozzle set in your toolbox so you can easily adjust the size of your glue stream for greater precision in adhesion.

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Hot Glue Gun Interchangeable Nozzles – Pack of 3 Flat & Round Nozzles (6003)

Product Features

  • Perfect for any full-size Surebonder glue gun that allows interchangeable nozzles
  • Includes adapter and 3 aluminum specialty nozzles (small round, large round and flat) for various repair and craft projects
  • Nozzles enable smooth and constant glue flow
  • Check valve included automatically prevents backflow of glue
  • Easily taken on and off using adjustable wrench; heat glue before exchanging tips

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